Blood Lad – 02

[MangAnime-Bakushin&PLAF]_Blood.Lad_-_Eps.02_[720p][73f27269]Hello, my pals!
I came here today to release Blood Lad 02, sorry for the delay, btw.
Now, in these next 4 months, it will be my last moments in this fansub which it means that Blood Lad, Senyuu. 2, Danganronpa and an OVA of a Super Anime will be my last works (maybe). So, thank you for your support so far and stay tuned for more anime on PlanimeFansub.  – CoyOJuNioR

(Resumindo: Desfrutem do episódio que em breve haverá mais! )

PS: Torrent mais logo online.

Descrição do arquivo:

 Género: Comédia, Demónios, Fantasia, Seinen, Sobrenatural, Vampiros
 Fansub: PlanimeFansub & MangAnime-Bakushin
 Tipo de sub: Falas & Signs Softsub & Karaoke Hardsub
 Resolução HD: 1280×720[HDTV720p]
 Tamanho HD [720p][8bit]: 401 MB
 Password: manganime-plaf
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